Wedding services: When hiring me, you can expect fair, affordable and straightforward pricing, as well as one-on-one attention.

I believe every couple is unique and requires different coverage on their special day. That’s why all my collections are simple and easy to customize to your individual needs. To create unique images that cater to your personality, it’s important we build a relationship.

I meet with all my clients multiple times before the big day and all of my collections include a complimentary engagement photo session.

Wedding collections start at $1620 and the average couple spends about $3450.

It’s my goal to surpass your expectations and to do that effectively I would love to meet you in person.

All consultations are free and there are no-obligations. When we meet for the consultation, I will listen to your needs, tastes, and concerns. I will discover what’s important to you when it comes to hiring your wedding photographer.

This meeting will ensure that I understand you both as individuals and as a couple. It will help me plan on how I will document your wedding, show you both at your best and provide for your needs and wants.

When our meeting finishes you will have a clear understanding of who I am and the types of services I provide. You will have seen my work and examples of what I deliver to my clients.

You will also receive a custom quote for your wedding photography that is particular to your needs. Wedding photography is an important and physical reminder of your special day so I don’t expect you to gamble on the services and results.

I’m proud and confident in my work and services. I realize there are a lot of choices for your wedding photography and that’s why I encourage everyone to interview multiple photographers.

It’s much more than just the price. It’s about personality, professionalism, skill and style. If you’re looking for someone who will provide you with great photography and service, who will work hard to make sure your images represent you as individuals and as a couple, I’d love to meet you.

Contact me today and schedule your consultation. Please contact me today to see if I have your wedding date available and to book your free no-obligation consultation.

Engagement: The engagement photo session is an important part of the process. This is an opportunity to get to know your photographer and learn what to expect on the wedding day.

Often I get couples wanting to remove the engagement photo session from my services to try and save a few dollars (remember, it’s included in all wedding collections) and I tell them it’s an essential part of the process.

The following statement was made by a couple that wanted to remove the engagement photo session from the collection because they were nervous about being in front of the camera.

After explaining the benefits of having the engagement photo session, I was able to convince them to give it a try. This is what they expressed to me afterwards. “We were nervous and unsure of what to expect but come the wedding day, I think we’ll be more relaxed and more pose-worthy without looking as forced from our end. I’m glad we did this, because now I can really see the benefit of just relaxing and not worrying so much that you’re taking pictures.”

This statement illustrates exactly why I include the engagement photo session in all my collections. For most couples this will be their first time working with a professional photographer and they’ll have little or no idea on what to expect.

I want to remove as much stress and assumptions as possible before the wedding day itself.

It’s my mission to work with you as a team and to make sure I capture you looking your best.

Please contact me today to see if I have your wedding date available and to book your free no-obligation consultation.

Boudoir: Historically Boudoir is a French word that describes a lady’s private suite adjacent to her bedchamber. The Boudoir is where she would bathe and/or get dressed.

In these more modern days, especially when it comes to Boudoir photography, it is known as a form of portrait art that ladies can use to express their sexuality and sensuality in a tasteful elegant way.

These photographs and the resulting prints or art-book are often used to surprise future partners by presenting a gift the night before the wedding. It makes for a great teaser. They also make great gifts for spouses on special occasions like Valentine’s Day, anniversaries and Christmas.

It’s also getting more popular with ladies wanting to treat themselves to something unique and daring that makes them feel beautiful and proud of their bodies and their feminine side.

Why not embrace your sexuality and treat yourself to a fashionable photo session showing off your favorite lingerie?

I encourage you to plan your Boudoir Photo session in the comfort of your own home. Feeling comfortable during the photo session is very important.

If you have a full house and would prefer to go somewhere else, there are lots of elegantly decorated hotels that are ideal for this type of photo session.

Couture portraits: A fun and fresh portrait style for all women!

My Couture Portraits are beauty photography sessions dedicated to capturing your personality and style. My professional hair and makeup stylists will pamper you and help you define your look.

After we’re done with you, you’re going to feel and look gorgeous. Why not plan a date night with your partner or girlfriends? Then everyone can see you looking so damn hot!

Couture portrait photo sessions are also a great way to celebrate your relationships! Get together with your mom, sisters, girlfriends or partner for a unique and fun-filled day of makeovers and photography.

This is a perfect way to organize something unique for your Bachelorette party! The overall style of the session is up to you. Be as stylish, casual, glamorous or fashionable as you’d like.

You can also choose to mix some boudoir-style images into the session. Give yourself the gift of a feel-good experience that’ll provide an escape from your everyday life.

The images I’ll produce for you will be a reminder of how amazing you are!

To book your Couture Portrait session, call Melanie at 613-816-7202

Make sure to read the Tips below.


Luxurious hotel room 2hr photo session Professional hair and makeup artists $575

In the comfort of your own home 2hr photo session $385

For you and your girlfriends Luxurious hotel room 1hr photo session for each individual Professional hair and makeup artists for each individual $320 per person, minimum 3 people $285 per person, minimum 5 people

Helpful tipsClothing: Plan to bring multiple outfits for the photo session to give you variety in your images. Choose anything from casual to glamorous.

Choose your favorite outfits that make you feel good and show off your personality. Choose fitted clothing to show the shape and contour of your body.This is for curvy bodies as well.

If you are planning to show more skin in your photos, please arrive in loose fitting clothing and don’t wear anything with tight elastic on your skin. This helps to prevent lines from showing in your images.

Feel free to bring scarves, hats, wraps and shawls. Accessories are fun!

Hair and Makeup: (if we’re doing it for you) Wash your hair the night before and leave it product-free for the photoshoot.

Warn us of any makeup allergies you may have.

If you prefer using your own makeup for the photoshoot, please let us know ahead of time so our makeup artist can make the necessary preparations.

Arrive at your appointment without applying your makeup or tinted moisturizer.

You can apply your regular daily moisturizer. Avoid getting sun-burnt or using tanning spray/cream before the photoshoot.

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